Evan Becker
I am a computer engineer student interested in software (Assembly, Java, C++, PHP),
hardware/microprocessors (Arduino & Raspberry Pi & PIC Microchip), electronics, and CAD

Interested in my digital services such as websites, programs, circuit boards, or CAD? Please contact me via my 'Contact Me' page. Thank you for your business.


I am Evan Becker, computer engineering student at University of Wisconsin (Milwaukee) where I am currently a sophomore. My skills are driven both through Hardware and Software.

I started first with Software. I was a hobbyist video game designer in high school and took computer science classes. Eventually I got the ability to be a teacher assistant for a few video game classes, namely "Introuction to Computer Programming" and "Advanced Game Development and Object Orientated Programming". During highschool I also took part in a number of CAD projects involving local businesses with my highschool where I designed a guitar amplifier chassis for a client to hook his amplifier circuit to. This was all before I graduated high school. Click READ MORE to see the article 'Brookfield Now' journalist John Rasche wrote about it.

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Soon, Evan will see his "digital creations manufactured into physical materials. Meier said he hopes to have his amp merchandise ready for purchase later this spring."

- Quote from Brookfield Now Article by John Rasche -


Computer Engineering (being both a Computer Scientist and an Electrical Engineer) is a braud field that allows it's alumni to be talented at lots of very different things. In Discrete Mathmatics (Compsci 317 - UWM), I studied the important mathematic fundamentals of computer science ranging from path finding to sets and data and probability. Then, in practice I created advanced databases in Java such as trees in Computer Science 351, circuits and computer microprocessors in Electrical Engineering 367, and Assembly code (through MIPS) in Computer Science 315. However, here's a quick glance at some of the languages and skills I know below.

Web Development Languages

  • HTML (Bootstrap etc.)
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • jQuery & MySQL
  • PHP
  • Familiar with Git and Github.

High-Level Programming Languages

  • Java
  • C# and C/C++
  • Python
  • Arduino & Raspberry Pi & PIC Microchip
  • Assembly (MIPS and wrote assembly for Pic-18)


  • CAD
  • Graphic Design
  • GML
  • Full Stack Developer
  • LAMP & Linux installations
  • SEO